About Us

About Kirti Interior Limited

In the contrary of a modern age, Interior & Exterior businesses are growing with their modern technology day by day. In the way of modernization, also Kirti interiors will be always ready for your service.

Our Kirti interior & exterior company is established with the 10 years’ experience of our Chairman, Directors & they have the best experience in the sector of interior & exterior business. With their best performances & practices, they are establish Kirti interiors Limited. We believe that our interior & exterior business will be introduce with his innovative design quality, smooth finishing & with the combination of modern technology & experiences.

Kirti interior is the first interior company in Bangladesh which is providing design solutions, interior products & fabrication solutions along with their own experienced person.

Kirti interior Limited is the only one company which is providing fire resistant gypsum board, fire proof glass, fire proof paint & all fire & safety product towards the customer with our better services which protects from fire 30 minutes to 2 hours.